Our ‘SolLine’ brand includes a number of unique products that are individually designed, in-house, to comply with the necessary Building regulations which ensure reduction of solar-gain on a building façade. The ‘SolLine’ range which is enhanced by a number of varying materials, which will consequently allow a greater specification choice. The extensive range includes extruded aluminium, timber, glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, mesh and perorations. The ‘SolLine’ range of products also has the added capability of being motorised and integrated into the building management system allowing for solar tracking movement to ensure that all important internal temperature remains constant.

Within our standard ‘off the shelf range’ we have the ‘Lunar’ range of products which consists of aluminium aerofoil sections, which we offer in a range dimensions. The aerofoil assemblies are extruded to any specified length with internal profiled screw port interface detailing to allow for a secret fix onto the structure. We manufacture stock aerofoils at set angles and pitch to suit locational solar blockage requirements. However, each assembly can be manufactured and installed at any angle or pitch without limitation. The Solar support rafters can be provided from our standard extruded range or from our limitless laser profiles options to suit structure interface and projection requirements of the assembly.

From our ‘Solar Zee’ series we have a range of ‘z’ shaped extrusions that interface with a solar rafter to provide shading. These systems are normally installed by a concealed clip interface which we have modified with each generational design to accommodate the increased wind loadings we are experiencing in the UK including gusting. The clip interface has now reached a design function of exceeding current BS structural requirements. This system range can be manufactured as a site build tailored system which can be interfaced with any structure usually accommodating a 1500mm tie back to the structure to our pre-fabricated off site modules which can successfully span 7 metres.

The SolLine ‘Stellar’ system comprises of a perforated assembly which is carried within one of our carrier rail interface sections depending on the required spans. There are a number of carrier rails which are selected based on the centres of the interface with the structure, the rails are from our ‘C’ series carrier extrusions. The method of assembly has two options of, either, a single skin half aerofoil or a double skin full aerofoil assembly. This product range is designed and developed to allow dappled light to pass through the assembly and his is controlled by the pitch and size of the chosen perforation, this system allows greater visibility out of the building whilst still providing solar protection.