Natural Ventiliation

LouvreSol have developed several natural ventilation products over recent years providing options that have previously not been available on the market. We have 2 distinct products available within our range, the LouvreWall 140 insulate assembly allows for a blade span of 3 metres before a motor break is required, this product has be utilised on several projects worldwide to accommodate clients requirements on buildings that have not been able to accommodate a product from the standard range available.

The LouvreWall 80 is a thermally broken product that can span 1800mm before a motor break is required, this product is a much more slim line option allowing for installation within window reveals and curtain walling installations. This assembly interacts well as an interface with a glazed in louvre panel.

The range also allows for the provision of a penthouse louvre assembly with internal actuated assemblies for lifting and install onto pre formed openings on site, these assemblies are self-supportive and are provided with an interfaced roof detail.