Architectural Screening

LouvreSol has vast experience in the design of bespoke Architectural Screening to a variety of structures in multiple materials. Nurturing an architectural concept to providing a finished installation on site is an aspect of our portfolio we are very proud of, we have on multiple prestigious installations provided a product and installation of the expected level of quality to provide a finished building to exceed the clients expectations.

Utilising our in house design team using the latest design technology software in both 2d and 3d we have the ability to model installations to engineer the structure to a strict tolerance and accuracy in any material. We have provided screening solutions to projects inclusive of aluminium, zinc, stainless steel, timber, rodeca and multiple mesh systems, the experience of being able to provide design to ensure each component is not only suitable for its intended use but that architecturally is it sympathetic within the assembly is one we are very proud of.

The growth of the use of architectural screening to buildings that historically had a more traditional simplistic design such as car parks and generator buildings has resulted in innovative designs entering into the market making greater use of materials to provide a building that aesthetically can equal any build.