About Us

LouvreSol is a family owned business formed in 2005, we have an ethos of simplicity to ensure that we remain driven to provide a finished product to a client as swiftly and cost effective as achievable. The Managing Director (Eddie Dean) believes that staff training and continual systems improvement is a key component to ensure the company remains on a path of ever improving its service levels, technical ability and ultimately providing a product that satisfies the end use.

All of the systems we offer under all of the brandings are of our own design and ownership, the research and development of the product range is the intellectual property of LSP. Each product is engineered at our own manufacturing facility in the North West of England where our product designers are constantly striving to improve wherever, and whenever possible. We are very happy to rise to a challenge and have succeeded, in the last few years, to complete a number of new product applications within the UK, on many building types.

LouvreSol is an established company and a leader in design and development in the market sector, we aspire to continue to improve in all aspects of what we are and have yet to find a project we cannot deliver to the highest of standards no matter how bespoke.