LouvreSol Specialist Projects’ Limited is a Company that strives to create and maintain an ethos that provides an unrivalled professional service. We give our clients the expertise and performance that they expect and deserve. We enjoy the necessary dynamic drive to maintain our position as a market leader in solar shading, louvre technology, architectural screening, photovoltaics, project delivery and on-site satisfaction.

The company’s brands are ‘LouvreLine’ and ‘SolLine’. The individual products can be enhanced with walkways, acoustic requirements, balustrades and actuation all of which can be interfaced with limitless systems. This enables LSP to self-manage all projects, with no time loss or disruption to follow on-trades.

With our manufacturing and administration facility close to the M6 motorway in the northwest of England, we provide a nationwide service, in addition to this we have provided installations across Europe and the Middle East within our portfolio. All aspects of design, planning and administration services are carried out by ‘LouvreSol’ personnel. Our skilled fabrication and installation operatives are currently engaged on a ‘continuous staff development programme’, which ensures their up-to-date knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the company’s product range.